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title: you wanted happiness (I can’t blame you for that)
fandom: tvd/dw fusion (light on dw canon)
characters: amara, tatia, katherine, elena (and lots of canon “companions”)
disclaimer: I own nothing, including pieces that were from canon/allude to canon.
summary: “You’re special, different. That must have a name.” He says and it’s with such childhood innocence. It’s familiar, it reminds her of before. “I’m a Petrova,” Elena tells him and he nods. As if it’s just that easy, as though he understands. Everything has a name after all.
a/n: written for the au prompt doppelgangers are timelords that got stuck in my head. and I blame fluffyfrolicker and her ficathon for this. so should all of you.

Amara is the first. (She will also be the last but she will never learn that. Her face will, her body will, her memories will, but Amara will be gone.)Collapse )
10 August 2015 @ 10:20 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY chleansmile!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you hade a fabulous, fabulous day! Full of all the things that you wanted and maybe even a little bit more. ;D
31 July 2015 @ 11:22 pm
for a while I thought I was the princess // tvd, caroline-centric // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill “free indirect discourse” which I hopefully figured out correctly. I did at least look it up I promise.

your life is not a fairytale.Collapse )

picked a name out of a book // btvs, faith-centric // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill for “repetition”. I wanted to try to play with new characters for this, so I tried Faith. Here goes.

Her mother named her Faith which ended up being even more ironic than most predicted.Collapse )

room whats? // btvs, buffy+cordy college AU // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill “dialogue”. There’s lots of other wordy-ness, but the meat of this is the dialogue they have.

“Nothing, I, nothing…just shoes. I would totally ace a class on shoes.” She covered.Collapse )
31 July 2015 @ 08:31 pm
you see there's no real ending // ats, fred, plylea // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill “allusion”, which I hope you get.

They laugh and it is a terrible laugh, a mad laugh she thinks and one day this will become ironic, even to her.Collapse )

there is an empty space next to you // haven, audrey-centric (mentions of others) // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill “pathetic fallacy” which I hope I figured out correctly…

Read more...Collapse )

I know that I’m damned (all the dead seem to know where I am)) // btvs, buffy-centric // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill for “sensual description”. note I never said I was good at it.

She picks her clothes out carefully. Her hands running down different items, different textures under her hands.Collapse )

he paints // the originals, klaus, freeverse // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill for “poetry”. Don’t judge it too hard. also, Klaus, how did I end up writing poetry about you?

Read more...Collapse )
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31 July 2015 @ 12:47 am
quiet like you (violent like you) // ats/poi, root, fred, and Illyria // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill “spoken word”. It never actually says who’s saying what, but I hope I got the voices down so you can recognize them.

“And you’re blue. Do you really get to judge?”Collapse )

lost in the pages of self-made cages // audrey (haven, spoilers up to end of S3) // written for the multi_genfic bingo fill “stream of consciousness”.

Read more...Collapse )

got your makeup on // tvd, caroline+katherine (a few others), AU set in the 40s // for the multi_genfic bingo fill “setting shift” (believe it or not fluffyfrolicker this somehow came out of your prompt for domesticity for these two…I might have to try again.)

She was everything that Katherine made her when she found her, broken and bruised in a hospital room.Collapse )
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fic: you remade me (and they named me karma)
fandom: arrow
characters: thea (centric), malcolm, nyssa, and some others mentioned.
summary: she was as her teacher made her. (post S3, the type of thing I want to see happen. warnings for violence and death.)
a/n: written for the multi_genfic
bingo’s fill “Chinese box” which apparently means frame narrative which I also had to look up. Hopefully this works as that. And hopefully the mod accepts this because, yeah, I didn’t plan it but it liked doubled in size.
They sear an arrow into her back, marking her as theirs, marking her as part of the League, as an assassin.Collapse )
29 July 2015 @ 02:49 am
everything casts a shadow // tvd, caroline + katherine (set S5, spoilers if you haven't seen the season // for multi_genfic;s bingo and the fill "scene shift" I'm not sure I understood this one properly but this was my interpretation.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.Collapse )

dig up her bones but leave the soul alone // btvs post canon, dawn (others mentioned), post-S7/canon // for the multi_genfic bingo fill for "focus on an object", in this case its the watcher's diaries

The Watcher’s diaries had been assigned to her as part of her studies.Collapse )

it had to be zombies // haven, audrey, duke, nathan // non-graphic violence, takes places post S5A // for the multi_genfic bingo fill for "in media res"

The good thing about this all was that zombies really were slow and stupid in their strange little universe.Collapse )
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28 July 2015 @ 11:06 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sigrundora!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you had a fabulous day, full of fabulous things, and all the things you wanted (or close to all of them...those pesky celebrities never seem to appear no matter how many birthday cake wishes you make ;D)
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26 July 2015 @ 08:38 pm
fairytales have rules // written for retelling for the multi_genfic bingo, or my version of it anyways // this is dawn rewriting different versions of what happened after the gift

once there was a girlCollapse )
22 July 2015 @ 08:11 pm

multi_genfic multi_genfic multi_genfic
a celebration of narrative techniques and writing

So multi_genfic is doing an awesome brief round of gen bingo. Its full of lots of different styles for writing to try and to play with. I fully suggest that anybody who enjoys this type of thing go do it. It encourages a small word counts, 500 being like the maximum (though nobody's going to jump on you if you go over.), so it won't take up all your time trying to get it done before the end of the month. Also you get a shiny banner if you make a bingo. :D

Also, this is just a warning that (if things go as planned) I might be spamming you with short little drabbles  from different fandoms of what may seem like randomness until its over. (I'll try to organize things, but no promises. but there will be cuts, so your safe that way.)

Prompts are always welcome too. They need to be GEN prompts because that's what the comm is all about but prompts are definitely welcome. If your in the mood. And I'll just see if I can work them in with bingo card I got. :D