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So I just got through rewatching S5 of Buffy. And I was so excited because it had been so long since I had seen it (Its one of the season I don't own yet) and its Dawn's first season and I love Dawn. But even though I knew everything about the season, I forgot how much it effected me and how well its done and just.

I cried a lot. A LOT. And kind of cursed Joss Whedon and all the actors because, was that really necessary?The Joyce arc just really gets to me. Her being sick, Buffy and Dawn dealing with it, thinkings its all better and then her dying anyways. And then the reactions to it, from everyone, but especially Dawn and Buffy. And I just. I keep needing tissues. Despite never losing a parent, so much of it just hit too close to home.

Also, Dawn's arc and the key-ness and her purpose. It made me think of how much the tvd fandom likes to compare Elena to Buffy, but Dawn really seems like so much more of an appropriate comparisson. (I've thought this before and possibly seen it somewhere too, but rewatching S5 really drove it home. Dawn is made to be both protected and for a blood ritual. And so is Elena. Neither of them are evil, but their sought after, leave death in their wake and their blood is the cause of breaking the curse placed on something much more powerful than anyone around them. And in the end, when they realize that the only way to stop it is for them to die, they're willing to do it. Dawn tries to run past Buffy and into the energy to stop the end of the world. Elena plans to die to protect the loved ones she has left. They are very different characters, but there role in the text itself is very similiar. So I don't understand why the comparison isn't made more...

And I just kept over-relating to everyone in different episodes. And then all the wonderful Dawn stuff. Can I just say, I can't understand how anyone doesn't love Dawn? Or at least the amount of fandom hate that she apparently gets. Because I just find her so easy to fall in love with as a character and everything that she goes through in just that one season and she manages not break, not completely. And then when I realize everything else she goes through in the next to seasons. I just want to hug her.

Obviously as you can see, I'm in a giant Dawn loving mood. Anybody out there have some good Dawn fic recs? Because I would love to read some.
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