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Ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?

Also, I haven't done a meme in forever. So...

Give me a character and I'll give you:

My favorite same sex ship:
My favorite opposite sex ship:
My most hated pairing:
My favorite same sex unusual ship:
My favorite opposite sex unusual ship:
My favorite threesome/moresome:
My favorite crossover ship:
My favorite brotp/friendship ship:

(Most fandoms are on my profile. Or you know, feel free to just shout out characters until we find one I know. Or fandom has taught me things about. And feel free to shout out lots of characters.

Also, I need to redo my icons again. I'm still sad about only having fifteen. My love of icons is unhealthy.)
Tags: avoiding other things, bad day, clark kent glasses, headachey, i overly relate to tv characters, meme, my beautiful f-list, randomness, sick, too much snow
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