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I wish I'd been, I wish I'd been, a teen teen idle.

So this is my attempt to be more active this year with my LJ and post more. Because I kind of fail at that. So yay a bunch of random things!

+ I owe a bunch of people comments and I'm totally working on it, I promise, but I'm slow, prone to migraines, and have limited computer time lately. (Which makes me sad.) I'm also way behind on my F-list. If anyone posted anything awesome, let me know. ;D

+ I've been trying to write, but mostly I have a lot of unfinished things on my hard drive for a few different fandoms. But I have a mostly finished (I think) Chloe-centric fic that I might post soon, which will make me happy and be my first story posted of the year. But if anyone has any tricks about getting over writers block, please tell me them. I'll love you forever.

+ I usually don't rec things (though I should do that more), but I found this amazing AMAZING Chloe character study video set to "Human" by Christina Perri and everyone should go watch it and leave some love.

Its so beautifully done and the song fits Chloe perfectly and it has this wonderful segment on her and her relationship with her mother, something that's often ignored  but shouldn't be. And its just amazing. And if anyone ever wondered why I love this character so much, I feel like this video would explain it.

+ Apparently the HP fandom exploded recently. I was totally confused about what was going on for like a day, just knew that JKR had apparently made some comments. I do now know what the drama was all about. (I don't really have any big feelings about it all. Canon is canon, she's not going to rewrite the books. And I've shipped both over the years. So you know.) Despite the drama of it, it was kind of a nice reminder that the HP fandom is still going strong after so many years. HP was the first fandom I actively participated in (SV is the one I consider my first fandom, staying up late and reading fanfic I was probably too young for), the first one I posted a story in, where I got my first flame (and learned what a flame was), and learned what a beta was and got my first one. So really it introduced me to a lot of things. So its nice to see its still going so strong.

Also, I saw someone refer to this as JKRGate and it made me giggle. A lot.

+ I finally caught up with the last few episodes of Haven. A lot of awesome stuff and one sad thing. And now I'm wishing the new season would be here already and they haven't even started filming it yet. They got to get on that.


I've LOVED the season so far, so many wonderful things. I love the addition of Sarah and the BC, Slade in present time, Moria in all her wonderful morally dubious glory, Laurel's downward spiral and being right and not knowing it, and how fast paced its going. There's been wonderful Oliver-Felicity-Diggle OT3 moments in pretty much every episode. And they had Tommy come back. I don't care if it was a hallucination, it was Tommy!

But lets talk about the lack of Thea and her own storyline. I get it, this is a superhero show, if you're not involved in the main plot, its hard to work the other characters in. But remember early S1 when they let Thea have a plot all her own? When she had shaped herself in Oliver's image, had never been grounded, and hated her mother half the time. When she called Oliver out on his shit but also just wanted her brother (and her mother) back. Wanted someone to care. Remember at the beginning of this season when she was back to hating her mother for what she did, but failing miserably at it. When she hated herself when she thought it would cost her mother the trial. Where did all of that go? Her story seems swallowed up by Roy's, by giving advice to those around her. To running the club and being in the background. And there's just so much more they could be doing with it, with her. Right now Roy is still trying to control himself, so why don't we see Thea's reaction to that (scared, angry he won't let her in, confused, trying to figure out what was going on on her own, all of the above)? Why don't we see her covering up the bruises he accidentally gave her (as I'm sure he did when he grabbed her)? Why didn't we get follow through of her line about doing things her way from now on when Roy got an arrow through the leg? Why haven't we seen her reaction to Tommy's death? Why couldn't we have had Thea bringing Laurel home after she left the club, a nice spin on Laurel helping her last season? And if they're going to be incorporating her parentage into the storyline, why are we not involving Thea in this? Why is Thea so completely in the dark? Why does Sin (who I love but is still a new character considering) get to know Roy's secrets but Thea doesn't?

I'm just super frustrated. Thea was the first character I fell in love with on the show, she's been there since the first episode. Long before Roy no matter what his comic book background may be. So I'm just wondering, is this all leading to an arc? Are we getting there? Because I'm kind of getting tired of hoping for more pieces, hoping for more of her POV, and her getting shafted.

On a happier note, Walter can stay. Walter should always stay and never go away again. And he should spend all his time interacting with Thea, Moria, and Felicity.


I feel like I'm one of the few people who liked the last episode. I found it incredibly interesting watching Katherine switch between her and Elena and how the people around her reacted to her. I loved how she was almost testing as she went, Matt could be compelled so she used him for information so there was no need to keep pretending, Stefan could be manipulated if she used Elena's compassion against him but slipped just a little because her ego was still there, Caroline was easy to manipulate with the truth ("You are one of the least terrible people I know." is both a compliment and an insult from Katherine.) and how she used the situation to cause enough chaos to escape unnoticed. And then at the end, her break up with Damon, perfectly done. Everything about it was Elena, everything about it was what I would love to hear Elena say, but then there was that Katherine smile as she walked away. And it was just perfect. And on the flip side, we had Elena fighting to stay in control, to stay herself and it was wonderful. I loved that Elena slipped just as easily into the Katherine facade as Katherine ever has when pretending to be her. I love that she fought tooth and nail and pointy stick to stay in control. It was wonderful. And the scene at the end, where she was running through the forest, was wonderfully done and so heartbreaking. It wasn't just her memories being replaced, but what they were being replaced with. All in all, it showcased Nina's amazing acting abilities and pretty much how she deserves so much more recognition than she'll ever get working on a CW show.

That said (and also, that I'm looking forward to where this will go, though I don't expect it will last long) I do think this wasn't some big twist that the producers seem to think it was. Pretty much everyone saw it coming and that was because they had dropped big enough hints. I think it would have been interesting in a different way if she had possessed someone else. And someone needs to write me that fic before I have to do it myself.

I also have feelings on the Caroline storyline, but mostly I liked how they handled it this episode. Its everything that comes afterwards that I'm not sure I'll like.

+Also my sister bought me a SPN t-shirt and I'm wearing it and now panicking about what to buy her for her birthday that's coming up. She's way better at gift giving than I am.
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