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fic: you left a blood stain on the floor

title: you left a blood stain on the floor
fandom: the vampire diaries
characters: katherine centric, katherine/elijah (some mentions of katherine/klaus and one sided katherine/trevor)
rating: pg-13
disclaimer: I own nothing.
word count: 1724
summary: She had once longed to hear those words, for him to steal her away. Now she longs to break his skin and his heart. She longs to cause him pain. (Set before the show's timeline started, so it ignores most of canon involving these two that wasn't set in the 1400s)
A/N: Written for the prompt "If I had a heart I could love you" and also my first time writing Katherine so please be gentle.

Klaus is easy to gain the attention of.

She smiles the right way, tilts her eyes down in coy respect, and laughs at the things he says. Barely hours after meeting him, he was already hers for the taking; she bows and meets his eyes and she is something that he wants, she is something that he needs.

(She had learned a lot since leaving Bulgaria.)

It’s holding his attention that’s the problem. Long after he invited her for an extended stay at his castle and had welcomed her into his bed, his attention began to wander. He would go out with his friends, he would go out on hunting parties, he would need to attend to his sister and her latest fit; all of these things out ranked her in importance.

Elijah took to keeping her entertained.

He smiled at her jokes and played her games and pretended as though she wasn’t some silly little girl playing at being a grown up, as she expected he really thought.

She made a game out of it. Of counting the times she could make him smile.

It was easier than she expected.


Klaus attention wavers anywhere that doesn’t involve the bedroom and he disappears into the vastness of the castle more and more.

Elijah stays. Elijah explores the castle with her. Elijah asks her questions about her life. He talks to her and watches her as she answers.

He looks at her as though maybe she is not real. As though she was a mirage and angel rolled up into one.

She wishes he would never stop.


When Elijah and Klaus take to the library, the war room as she likes to call it, and she is dismissed as they talk of serious matters that don’t concern silly little her, she finds herself in the gardens.

She loves the gardens, the beauty and the vastness. She loves looking at them and thinking about the day they will someday belong to her as well.

Late at night, under the covers and between sighs and cries of pleasure, Klaus promises her anything her heart desires. Promises, promises, promises. His only condition is that she offers him the same. Anything Klaus wants she will give him.

She expects he will want an heir and it seems a small price to pay. She had once longed to be a mother after all.

She looks at the vast land, remembers the castle behind her, and thinks about what her father would say. Remembers the life he said she would amount too, how she would die in the gutter where she belonged. How she wouldn’t survive without them. Not without a deal with the devil to save her. Her mother cried in the background but she did not stop him as he disowned her, as he banished them from their home, from their life.

She wishes her father could see her now. The life she had carved out for herself. The woman she had made herself into and the Lord that had seen something in her worth choosing.

Wishes spitefully and petty that she send Klaus’ men for him and return him in shackles, forcing him to bow down before the Lady Mikaelson, more powerful than he could ever hope to be.


She turns and its Elijah walking towards her, always Elijah searching her out, always Elijah.

“Katerina, you know you’re not to leave the house without telling someone.”

“Yes, but I couldn’t stand being cooped up and you know very well the doors to the library are much too thick to listen to what you and your brother are saying.” She smiles at him.

“I wouldn’t know.”

“Of course you wouldn’t, you’re far too noble to listen at doors.”

“Still, you should not come out alone. It is dangerous.” He says, ignoring her teasing.

“I would never wander off too far. But you know how I love the gardens, and look—” She offers up the crown of purple flowers she had made, before sliding it onto her head, “I’ve found something new. Do you know its name?”

“It is called the Devil’s Bane.” He tells her, the stern look on his face deepening.

“To keep the devils at bay?” She laughs.

“It is said.”

“Well why would I need that when I have you?” She smiles at him.

This time he does not smile back.


She kisses him one night.

It’s a chaste kiss, on the cheek, but it seems more meaningful than anything she has shared with Klaus. And she hopes he understands the truth behind it. The longing. She hopes he realizes she wishes it was him. That if she had a choice, she would choose strong, stoic, noble Elijah over his brother any day.

That she wishes she could say the words out loud instead of just in her head. Wishes he would steal her away.

He smiles at her as she pulls away, stares at her lips for far too long to be proper.

She thinks she has won her game. He has never smiled at her like that before.


When Elijah and Klaus are both too busy to keep her occupied, they send Trevor to keep her occupied and out of trouble.

Trevor has fallen in love with her a long time ago and she alternates between enjoying it and worrying about the problems it will cause. Klaus will happily behead a man who touches what belongs to him. But it is not Trevor’s safety she fears. It’s her safety and future she often fears is on the line.

She finds out that she was right to be worried. Trevor is the one who tells her and her heart screams out because it should be Elijah warning her, telling her to run.

It should be Elijah.

But it isn’t. And Elijah has known his brother’s plans all along. Elijah has known everything and he still smiled. He still chased after her in the gardens and gave her hope that did not belong to her, not with a death sentence hanging over her head. Not when he was a demon of the night with the devil for a brother.

“You must go, Katerina. Now. Before it’s too late.”


“Run, Katerina, and never look back.” Trevor says, “I will keep them at bay as long as I can.”

He turns and runs out of the room, his footsteps echoing as he races through the corridors.

Katerina pauses for just a moment, lets everything he said sink in—

( vampires, the ritual, the moon-stone, the Petrova Doppelganger they had been hunting for so very long. Her blood, her blood that they wanted to spill to get everything their heart desired, the promise that Klaus had made her make. Elijah making sure she never wandered too far away.)

—she grabs the moonstone from the bed, the one Trevor had stolen for her, to save her, she takes it and she runs.

She runs and she doesn’t look back.


Elijah’s voice echoes throughout the forest as he calls for her.

He promises to find her, that she’ll return to him, that it’s just a matter of time.

She had once longed to hear those words, for him to steal her away.

Now she longs to break his skin and his heart. She longs to cause him pain.

She thinks it’s only fair.

(Klaus may want her dead, might have played her for the fool, but he had never smiled at her like Elijah had.)


Her death is easy. It is her salvation. It is her revenge.

She wakes up feeling hungry, feeling blood thirsty, but also fulfilled.

Klaus wants a human doppelganger. He wants her alive to punish for her defiance. He wants to kill her himself. She took that from him and did it herself.

It was easier than she expected it to be.

The death of her family is harder. It clenches her heart and she thinks it might stop beating all together, that the grip of grief is too tight. She cries into her mother’s chest and begs her to wake up, to hold her again, to be there and promise her everything will be okay.

She doesn’t wake up.

Her mother’s blood stains her dress and it makes her stomach ache in hunger.

She didn’t think she had anything else to lose.

She was wrong.


The forest is not the last time she hears Elijah’s voice.

It follows her wherever she goes.

Years later and she can still hear him whispering ‘Katerina’ in her ear like only he could. She can still see him staring into her eyes. She can still feel his hand brush against her as they danced too close in the crowd.

She hates him for it.

Wants to reach in and tear out his heart.

She’s stronger than she once was and it’s closer to reality now. One day she thinks she might be strong enough to do it.

But even in her dreams (her nightmares) Elijah always wins. His voice still follows her and he still smiles and Katerina can do nothing but run.

He never gives her any other choice.


She learns her lesson well.

Don’t give your heart to someone who can steal it away. You will be left with nothing but a gaping hole and memories you want to erase. It’s better not to have one at all.

(Hearts lead to betrayal and blood and promises that never come true. Hearts belong to those who still believe in knights and heroes that will come save you.

Katherine has no heart.

Not anymore.)

No man after Elijah holds that same power over her.

She doesn’t allow it.

Katerina Petrova becomes Katherine Pierce and all traces of the girl in the garden disappear. She no longer looks for other people’s smiles, only her own. She no longer desires to be someone’s angel and becomes a demon instead.

Someday, when Elijah finally catches her, when he sees what she has become, she’ll thank him for it. She will look him in the eyes and smile and laugh and place a crown of vervain on his head as she calls him her angel.

And then she latch her nails into his chest and take what he had taken from her.

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